X Japan

"You've never seen anything like it!" Paste Magazine


"The film forces us to grapple with difficult questions of purpose, the inevitable role of pain in art, and how music acts as a force for salvation...one of the most uplifting pieces I've seen at Sundance, period." Paula Mejia, Newsweek


"This isn't the normal rock and roll underdog story and director Stephen Kijak isn't creating the standard slavish hagiography. Instead, he focuses on the unlikely artist and key founding member, Yoshiki Hayashi. It's a brilliant creative decision: Yoshiki is an open enigma, a fragile Stephen Tyler, a broken visionary whose career has been plagued by deaths, firings, and even a religious cult trying to destroy his band from within." The Austin Chronicle


"We Are X is possibly the greatest music doc to come out of the festival since "Searching For Sugarman" in 2014. It's an awe-inspiring film." HeyYouGuys.com



"The Art of Life, Makes me wanna die..."