Equal Docuseries HBO Max Stephen Kijak

A 4-part docu-series that chronicles the various fights for LGBTQ rights in the years up to and including the Stonewall Uprising and the organizing that led to the very first Pride Marches. Told through a combination of deep archive and stylized recreations, EQUAL features a stunning cast of some of the top LGBTQ actors working today portraying a diverse range of artists, activists, and agitators who were on the front lines of Queer rights and visibility for the last 50 years.

Debuts on HBO Max October 22, 2020

Executive Produced by Scout Productions
With Berlanti Productions and Jim Parsons' Just Wonderful Productions
Produced by Diane Becker, Melanie Miller and Stephen Kijak
Directed by Stephen Kijak and Kimberly Reed


Equal HBO Max Poster Directed by Stephen Kijak